CVMA 14-3

Vets Helping Vets!

Call to Action

On Monday June 12, 2017 a Call to Action was put out via Facebook for all bikers to rally together in South Bend Indiana for a fellow Vet and Abate Rider. Jon Stanley was a biker for years before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. One of his final requests was to hear his favorite noise — the sound of a Harley. Within a few hours of the post on the social media sites over 150 bikers came together to honor Jon Stanley's final wishes.

The group of bikers met up at a single location and road as a group to Stanley's home where they proceded to say a final goodbye and pay respects bikers style. Parked throughout his yard and down the block the bikers proceeded to rev their engins forming the harmonious sound that Stanley wished to hear one last time. Along with honoring Stanley's last wish the bikers got together and helped carry Jon outside where they placed him in the side car attached to one of the Harly's where he could hear the sound and feel the vibrations.

Sadly, we learned that Stanley died just a few hours after this special tribute.

As our Motto is Vets Helping Vets

We recently learned that a Veteran family was in need of assistance moving so the Combat Vets, Army Riders & Marine Riders rallied together and stepped up and accomplished the mission!

This mission consisted of packing up the Veterans home located in Elkhart, Indiana and moving them and unpacking their belonging in Mishawaka, Indiana.

This also has a deadlined vehicle that we were able to get moved from their previous property to a safe secure location awaiting a tow to another CVMA members place to see if they can get it running again.

This is truely what it is all about, when push comes to shove we will Stand United as Brothers in Arms. This is the type of work that we will continue to do for the local veterans in our comunity. Thank you all who showed up to help the Family in Need and thank you to all that support our mission.