CVMA 14-3 Auxiliary

Vets Helping Vets!

CVMA 14-3 Auxiliary Mission Statement

  1. The Mission of the CVMA-Auxiliary Unit is to create and foster a Caring and Appreciative environment for CVMA members.
  2. The Focus of the CVMA-Auxiliary is to help CVMA accomplish its mission of Veterans Helping Veterans by offering support to CVMA Veteran related causes on national and state levels.
  3. The Main Goal is to provide Moral Support and Cultivate Relationships.
    We want those who served and/or fought for this country to know they truly are respected and welcomed home.

CVMA 14-3 Auxiliary Objectives

  • Advocating Veterans Issues to generate public recognition
  • Raising awareness for the plight of POWs, MIAs and their families.
  • Supporting Veteran Organizations
  • Promoting interest in various forms of motorcycle activities associated with Veterans
  • Creating and maintaining camaraderie among Veterans from all U.S. Branches of Services and its allies.
  • Organizing Auxiliary functions and activities in a manner befitting the members of the CVMA as well as assisting with CVMA functions and activities
  • Encouraging a better understanding of motorcycle riders as a constructive sport among members of the press, and law enforcement agencies.

Requirements to become an Auxiliary Member

  1. Must be the spouse of a CVMA member or spouse of a deceased CVMA member.
      (Note: Submission of documentation is required and must accompany the Auxiliary application for Membership; Copy of Marriage License or Marriage certificate).
      Full member can request Auxiliary Application from their respective State Representative

  2. Must be of good character;
    1. Meaning all members MUST conduct themselves in a manner that is becoming to themselves, to the CVMA and to the CVMA-Auxiliary unit.
    2. Members must not bring embarrassment upon themselves, to the CVMA-Auxiliary unit or to the CVMA Association as a whole.

  3. Must support the efforts of ALL branches of the United States of Americas Armed Forces and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Auxiliary National ByLaws